The induction sealing consists in generating an electromagnetic field that will heat up any close metallic elements, and so, the thermoadhesive liner that equips the cap.

The liner has an aluminium layer that will heat up and brings the calories requested for activating the thermoadhesive layer. The cap, properly screwed, will provide the requested pressure and the liner will be sealed on the containers neck.

The induction capsealing is an easy way to bring tightness and tamper evidence to your packaging, without any heavy modification of your process : the sealing occurs after capping, without any contact.

EMBATHERM, only Franch manufacturer; manufactures its own machines and offers its ranges of hand-held and automatic machines, standard or incorporated, for capsealing or direct-contact sealing.


TIE 100

TIE 200

A project ? EMBATHERM is at your disposal and offers you its machines for induction heat sealing.