Historically closed to the plastic molders through its sub-contracting in sealing activity and its geographic proximity to the Plastic Valley of Oyonnax, EMBATHERM developped some solutions and machines specific to your business ;

  • sub-contracting in sealing on empty plastic pieces : orifice reducers, diffusing caps, piercing device of pharmaceutical caps, sealing of aluminium ring on obturator (Toptherms)…applications are multiple and do not necessarily require from you to invest in a dedicated machine and incorporate a new technology, the sealing, in your workshops. EMBATHERM proposes to proceed with these sealing operations in our workshops, on our own production machines : then, you are able to fully benefit from our responsiveness and our expertise.
  • specific machines for your activity field : when the quantity allows or the project requires it, you can choose to incorporate a dedicated equipment for sealing and/or assembling in your workshops. EMBATHERM developped some automatic sealers for orifice reducers, tubes, miscellaneous plastic pieces, standard or taylor-made, as well as lining machines for caps manufacturers.

Products related to your business sector: