The lid is an easy to use and economical means of closure, which provides a guarantee of first use and a total barrier to gas and light in the case of aluminium lids.

It is also a design element that will contribute to the aesthetics of the packaging and reinforce the brand image.

EMBATHERM has adapted over the years to the expectations of our core target, cosmetics.

We are proud to collaborate with many brands in the production of their lids (Dior, Chanel, Liérac, L’Occitane, Avène, Guerlain, and many others) in a close and continuous way over the years. In order to maintain its privileged collaborations, EMBATHERM is constantly innovating, whether to meet specific needs or to improve our processes and therefore the quality of our products.

  • Wide range of standard diameters, more than 150 existing tools,
  • Specific shapes on request,
  • Aluminium, white or gold, neutral, printed or embossed lids,
  • Cutting press park, in a filtered air room,
  • Subcontracting in heat sealing on plastic parts (reducers, plugs, tubes…).

EMBATHERM accompanies you in your production of lids. We offer neutral or customized lids according to your request.