As for the sealing of a jar, the sealing of empty plastic pieces, components of your final products, brings tamper evidence and tighness to an orifice reducer, protection of a clean percing device on a pharmaceutical cap for tube, protection of a diffusing cap…there are numerous applications.

For companies which do not want to buy a heatsealer, we propose an outsourcing activity for the heatsealing of any reducers, tubes or other plastic pieces. Heatsealing of aluminium or plastic pre-cut foils.

  • Heatsealing of reducers
  • Multi-size
  • Small and big productions…
reducteurs d'orifice scelles avec un film base PET - Embatherm
reducteur orifice scelle embatherm
reducteurs d'orifice scelles sur flacons - Embatherm
reducteurs d'orifice thermoscelles - EMBATHERM