The lid is an easy and economical way of closing your jars, which brings tamper evidence and total barrier to gas and light in case of aluminium lids.

It is also a true piece of design which participates to the packaging aesthetic and reinforces the brand awareness.

Whatever the lid is integrated in the pack definition at the development begining or it becomes necessary in the end of development (lack of tightness of the couple jar/cap), EMBATHERM is here to assist you at every steps of its definition :

  • technical definition : size, foilembossing,
  • aesthetic definition : proposals of logo implantation, prototyping, etc.
  • assistance for compatibility tests between content-lid-process,
  • implementation of the sealing technology on your packaging lines or those of your copackers.

With as usual, the responsiveness and the expertise of EMBATHERM put at your service.

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