The lid is an easy way of closure, easy to implement and low-costs. It brings the tamper evidence and a complete barrier to gas and light in the case of aluminium lids.

All sobriety, the neutral lids are available cut in aluminium or PET (white or transparent) foil, according to your preferences and your application (jar material). The neutral lids exist in 4 main different embossings :

  1. small worms,
  2. linen
  3. diamond point for aluminium foil
  4. needle for PET foils, starting from 5 000 units

More than 150 existing diameters and around 15 differents foils allow us to solve easily most of applications.

For more exotic shapes (lids with trapezoidal body, elliptic, square shape… or specific tear tab shape), it is possible to create a specific cutting die.

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